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Ann Kinsinger

I became enchanted with stone and metal  many years ago, and have been working with them ever since. In recent years, I have expanded my passion by adding the primal element of heat, taking torch to metal. Working with silver, copper, brass, and bronze, I incorporate my own molten vision into my jewelry with hand-created metal beads, fused metal forms, silver chains, and charcoal-cast bronze and silver. Many of these are combined with beautiful and unusual cabochons and beads acquired over the years; others stand alone as unique and lovely creations. In more whimsical moments, I combine metal with found objects and my own hand-made paper to create playful earrings and other pieces.

 On This Site

On the Gallery page, you will find pictures of my work, past and current. 

The Technical page has information about technical aspects of my work for those who are interested.

The Links page points you to resources that I find valuable for my work. 

Why Lilikoi? 

Lilikoi is the Hawaiian name for the passionfruit plant. It is an abundant vine that produces beautiful flowers and delicious fruit. I lived on Maui for several years, and came to appreciate the indomitable nature of this wonderful plant, as well as to enjoy its flowers and fruit. Now that I live on the mainland again, it symbolizes for me the passion I have towards my work, and the grace and beauty I strive to produce. 

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